Recent Projects and Installations

Technical College, Essex

2 x 180kW Air Source Heat Pumps with R290 Refrigerant

Swimming Pool, Cambridgeshire

120kW Heat Pump-Chiller with Propane Refrigerant

Leisure Centre, Huntingdonshire

60kW DHW Heat Pump with Hydrocarbon Refrigerant

Hospital Cambridgeshire

110kW Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump with Dedicated Solar Array & Battery System

Research Park, Cambridge

80kW Air Source Heat Pump with Propane Refrigerant

Hospital Cambridgeshire

140kW Chiller with Dedicated PV and Battery System

Corporate HQ, Hertfordshire

40kW Heat Pump-Chiller with Propane Refrigerant

Hospital, Essex

90kW CO2 Heat Pump-Chiller with Dedicated Battery Storage